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Joe's 32nd Chicago to Mackinac Race
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Race to Mackinac Island   RUM
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The 104th Mac aboard PINBALL WIZARD   2012    The 102nd Mac aboard CONFLUENCE   2010    
The 101st Mac aboard CONFLUENCE   2009     The 100th Mac aboard CONFLUENCE   2008    
CONFLUENCE  The Mackinac Racer   2007     Crowley's River Trip 2007
Barracuda   1st Place  2007 NOOD Regatta    Mirage 2005 Upbound River Trip
2005 Mac Race    Mount Gay Rum Party!    2005 NOOD Regatta    2005 Verve Cup    2005 Leukemia Cup
2004 Pre-Race    2004 Mac Race & Mount Gay Rum Party!    Marek's 2004 Snaps
2002 & 2003 Mac Races     Old Glory as Wind Speed Indicator

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